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I personally recommend you to watch Fireproof together with your husband or wife. It will help you to save your marriage and to avoid divorce. You will learn more how to treat your husband and wife better and how to have a wonderful life together. It's not too late to start all over again. Every marriage is worth saving. I hope you'll watch it. You can watch Fireproof's trailer and some of it's parts here in my blog. Learn and enjoy! Click here to watch the movie..

5 Tips To Save Your Marriage

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Marriage is a blessing from God

I heard the mass today and it really inspired me be responsible and strive hard to have a happy and complete family. Marriage is a sacred sacrament. Husband and wife took a vow not only to each other but also to God. Death can only separate them and no other thing or person can interfere and destroy their marriage. Divorce maybe rightful in human law but not in the law of God. God made the law in marriage and no once should reverse it or break it. You're making a sin by having divorce because it is God's law, it's sacred and you made vows with God. Every relationship encounter difficulties and hard times, if there's a problem, talk about it. Divorce is not a solution, you're just running away from the problem and it will get worse, believe me, especially on the kids. Hold on to your vows, accept one another wholeheartedly because you'll have each other till the end. Learn to forgive. Bring your pride down, it won't help in your relationship. Communication is the key, though it's tiring at work try to have a little talk at dinner or before going to sleep. Never neglect each others needs, have a date once in a while to rekindle the love you had. Bond with your family, stay at home with them, watch dvd, go to mall together or hear mass every sunday, it makes a big difference. Set your family and marriage on top of your priority lists. At the end of the day, your family is the most important thing in your life, through ups and downs they'll be the ones you can lean on and that can give you your true happiness.

Put God in the center of your relationship. Nothing is impossible to God, so always believe in Him. Lift everything to him, have faith. Make your relationship work no matter what. Many trials are coming ahead of you so be strong and be ready. Love one another and you will prosper. God bless everyone.

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